Multi layer cake

Discover mouthwatering multi-layer cake recipes that will satisfy your sweet cravings. Get inspired to bake and create your own masterpiece with these delectable ideas.
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Do you have some extra time on your hands? If you spend it making this cake you will not be sorry. Now the question, how many layers can you make? 12, 14, 16? To make the process a bit easier, gather at least 6 9-inch cake pans. This is a sweet dessert so one cake serves 15 to 20. Good luck and have fun! Chocolate layer cake 1 ¾ C butter (3 ½ sticks), 1 C @ room temperature 5 oz (5 squares) unsweetened chocolate melted 7 C sugar 2 ¼ C (18 oz) evaporated milk 3 tsp vanilla extract 1 Tbls…

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This chocolate cake with 12 layers of cake, 12 layers of filling, plus chocolate ganache on top. Desserts, Dessert, Mousse, Youtube, Videos, Cake, Best Chocolate, Chocolate Filling, 24 Layer Chocolate Cake Recipe

24 Layer Chocolate Cake: 12 layers of smooth chocolate filling and 12 layers of rich chocolate cake, topped off with a layer of silky semisweet chocolate ganache! This is the most decadent chocolate cake I’ve ever tried! If you are a true chocoholic you must try this moist chocolate cake recipe! It’s extremely fudgy and made from scratch!

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S'mores Anniversary Cake

Looking for something to make for that extra special romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with your special someone? Or maybe your looking for a sweet treat to make for the family to show your love. Well I’ve got you covered! Today I’m sharing 25 Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats. There’s a little bit of everything to choose...Read More »

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SEE it @ Southern Plate I'm not much on desserts but this is by far the Very Best Cake and Icing "EVER" known to man. This icing is great on brownies and on top of any homemade ice cream. Reminds me of childhood days. BTW! I don't have 8-10 (9") cake pans so I bake in 2 batches. Layer Yellow cake with Homemade Fudge Icing (lots of layers) Make the icing first~ What you'll need:* 3 cups sugar 3 1/2 blocks unsweetened baking chocolate 2 5-oz. cans evaporated milk 1/2 cup butter 1 tsp. vanilla…

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Mango, Vanilla & Coconut Layer Cake With Cheesecake Buttercream @ Not Quite Nigella Pudding, Cake, Desserts, Tart, Mango Coconut Cake, Mango Cake, Mango Dessert, Vanilla Cheesecake, Vanilla Coconut

This cake is one of the top 5 cakes I've ever made. It's a production but not impossible and actually a breeze if you make it over a couple of easy days. It has quite a few layers but for a special occasion, Christmas or birthday I highly recommend it. It's a layer of moist vanilla cake layered with a ginger cookie crusted vanilla cheesecake, a layer of mango jelly, a vanilla panna cotta and another layer of vanilla cake. It is then smothered in a silky mango vanilla cheesecake buttercream…

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