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Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of National Geographic photographers. Discover their incredible talent and be inspired to capture your own extraordinary moments.
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National Geographic Traveler Photo contest is coming to an end, so it's high time we took a look at some of the best entries. The submissions will be accepted till June 30th, so those who want to participate, hurry up and submit your photos in one of the categories of Travel Portraits, Outdoor Scenes, Sense of Place and Spontaneous Moments. Here are some of the most incredible wildlife entries - good luck to all the participants!

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We caught up with National Geographic explorer and photographer Ronan Donovan about his essential gear, favorite adventure, and more.

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YOU AND A FRIEND WILL: Join wildlife photographer, filmmaker and expert Bertie Gregory on an epic expedition to the South Atlantic Explore South Georgia Island and the Las Malvinas/Falkland Islands with Bertie on your National Geographic® cruise Get hooked up with transportation and housing over the 19-day trip