Natural to relaxed hair

Find tips and ideas for transitioning from natural to relaxed hair. Learn how to make the process smooth and achieve the hairstyle you desire. Start your hair transformation journey today.
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Ten years ago, I would have never imagined I'd be seeing so much natural hair on the red carpet and on social media — let alone laws that empower women who want to wear their hair in its natural state, no matter where they are. But slowly and…

Tammy Wells
5 Things to do before you get a relaxer ( Aquarius, Lady, Relaxed Hair Journey, Relaxed Hair Care, Relaxed Hair Regimen, Relaxed Hair Growth, Natural To Relaxed Hair, 5 Things, Healthy Relaxed Hair

As many of you know, I have relaxed hair. However, I get asked all of the time if I am natural because my hair looks healthy. Well, the reason why I can enjoy the benefits and perks of having healthy relaxed hair is because I take careful steps to take care of it to make sure there is no damage. I believe that if you choose to have relaxed hair it can, and should, be healthy. There is no reason why you have to have natural hair in order to have healthy hair! So, here are a 5 things to do…

Natalia Phillips
Watch Reniece’s Real Black Hair Showcase Video – Natural, Relaxed, 4a, 4b, 4c, No Weave Hair Growth Tips, Relaxed Hair Care, Natural Hair Growth Tips, Hair Journey, Relaxed Hair Growth, Relaxed Hair Journey, Hair Hacks, Hair Lengths, Natural Hair Styles

I had to share this video by RenieceHairTV because it is so inspiring especially for those of you wondering where the next inch is going to come from. I know that a lot of you ladies tend to prefer the more natural approach to length retention (like twists) but in terms of retention potential, weaves rock too. Also it goes to show that you can still have long gorgeous healthy hair even if you relax or flat iron your natural hair occasionally. I have had my share of bad experiences with…

JM Tomlinson