Nerve cell

Discover the intricate world of nerve cells and their role in the human brain. Learn about the structure, function, and fascinating capabilities of these essential components of the nervous system.
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How to draw a nerve cell ( Neuron)

Nerve cell is functional unit of nervous system.It has mainly two parts the Cyton and Axon.Cyton have several dendrites emerging from surface. Cyton gives rise to Axon from a triangular structure called axon hillock. Axon of nerve cells sometimes extend to 1 mt length in nerves of leg. Cyton something looks like a star so, it can be drawn from a basic star shape. Step 1: Draw two triangles superimposed as shown resembling a star. Step 2: Erase out the star shape leaving faint edges of the…

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Parts Of A Neuron

A neuron is a nerve cell that processes and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals in the nervous system. Neurons consist of a cell body, dendrites (which receive signals), and an axon (which sends signals). Synaptic connections allow communication between neurons, facilitating the relay of information throughout the body.

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