Embark on a thrilling adventure with Nerve, a heart-pounding movie that explores the world of dare. Join the characters as they push their limits and discover the consequences of their choices.
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Scientists one step closer to finding how to repair damaged nerve cells [Neurotechnology: Neuroscience Books:] Biotechnology, Art, Nerve Cell, Nervous System, Human Nervous System, Microscopic Photography, Brain Nerves, Nerve, Neuroscience

A team of researchers has uncovered a new kind of synergy in the development of the nervous system, which explains an important mechanism required for neural circuits to form properly. This breakthrough could eventually help develop tools to repair nerve cells following injuries to the nervous system (such as the brain and spinal cord).

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What does pain look like? How does the brain develop and grow? Art, Nerve Cell, Nerve Cells, Microorganisms, Microscopic, Microscopic Photography, Nerve Fiber, Nerve, Brain Neurons

The art of science: a network of nerve cells and a neural sunrise, captured under the microscope This stunning image shows a network of the nerve cells which carry sensory information from the world to your spinal cord and brain. A fluorescent dye highlights the fine nerve fibres, which reach out to carry signals from