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Discover the thrilling adventures of the new Ghost Rider and witness the incredible power they possess. Get ready to be amazed by the epic stories and intense action of the new Ghost Rider series.
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Robbie Reyes is probably the coolest Ghost Rider ever, especially with that hellfire powered car! Looks like the newest Avenger is going to have some trouble with some long term goals, though, since the old Ghost Rider doesn't cotton well to exorcisms! AVENGERS #22 JASON AARON (W) • STEFANO CASELLI (A/C) CARNAGE-IZED VARIANT COVER BY […]

Christopher Franey
#wattpad #fanfiction During your time at U.A, you were usually pushed around, because you were quiet. Though you were one of the strongest, you were introverted, hence why you're bullied. Your Quirk is...something else. You hide it, saying that it's pyrokinesis, but really, it's something to fear, as the Spirit of Veng... Marvel Heroes, Marvel, Marvel Comics, Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider Marvel, Ghost Rider Wallpaper, Ghost Raider, Marvel Knights, New Ghost Rider

Your father bore the mantle of the Ghost Rider, allowing him to dispense fiery justice out to wrongdoers, and so you looked up to him. Now, the curse has been passed onto you, as you will dish out vengeance to those deserving of it, and where better than to start at U.A.? Some will look down on you for your Quirk's deadly potential for villainy others will look up to you as a pillar for motivation. Rivalries will form, fights will ensue, but regardless, you shall rise above and dish out…

Austin Stolk