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Feeling lost or unsure about what to do next? Explore a world of possibilities and get inspired for your next adventure. Discover ideas and tips to help you make the most of every opportunity.
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Are you getting this? Do you keep forgetting? Living in TIME is 3D, when you exist for a future or from a past. Now ~ yes, you may have programmed karmic memories that get activated and take you into hidden fear modes of being and in reactive states ~ such as; IT has to be like this, this has to happen, you have to have that or do this. In reality that is all BS ~ as ~ none of it applies to ACTUALLY BEING.

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So as I explained last year – I don’t really do the resolution thing. I think they’re awesome. But they stress me out. So instead I make goals. Things I’d like to accomplish in the year. (These are bloggy/sewing/career related. Cause yeah, I still need to work on cleaning my house better and losing more ... Read More about This Year’s “Stuff I’d Like To Do” Post

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I studied Graphic Design in Bucharest, Romania and I simply love everything related to visual communication. I try to focus on Information Design because I want to design for need, not for desire. My intention is to communicate the essence of a message with minimal interventions and techniques.

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