Nurse leader

Learn the essential skills and qualities needed to become a successful nurse leader. Inspire and guide your team to provide exceptional patient care and create a positive work environment.
Having the working knowledge of technology is also crucial. Finally, the ability to effectively cope with change is a must have skill. If you need to be this kind of leader, this podcast is for you. Ideas, Perspective, Leadership, Leadership Quotes, Coaching, Nursing Leadership, Nursing Career, Nurse Entrepreneur, Nurse Leader

A nurse leader remains to be an influencer in any environment that they find themselves in. To effectively lead and positively impact the lives of others, the following tips MUST be at the back of the mind of a nurse leader. First, a nurse leader needs to have a global mindset or perspective to be able to lead in diverse environments. Secondly, a nurse leader needs to be an expert decision maker to ensure that they positively influence their followers.

Tina Burrell
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So you’ve found yourself in a leadership role. Maybe you’re the most senior nurse on your unit and the director suggested you become nurse manager. Or, even informally, you’re the most experienced nurse working the night shift, so they’ve put you in the charge nurse role position. Whether by promotion or simply years on the […]

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, HNB-BC