O my soul

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Sing Out My Soul to The Lord: Power: Play + PRAYER: Lord, I Beseech Your Tender Mercies ...! Bible Scriptures, Bible Quotes, Bible Devotions, Biblical Quotes, Daily Devotional, Meaningful Quotes, Faith Quotes, Psalm 103 5, Healing Words

Satan Displays Love For Power! Jesus Christ Displays The Power Of Love AND If Humans Do Not Recognize The Stark Difference They Will Be Ushered Into Hell By A Bold Fallen Angel Displaying Light AND Boldly Wearing The Peace Broker's White Glove! Man Says That Power Corrupts! Another Man Says Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely BUT Truth Is Power Is Corrupted By The Mind Wielding The Power! Fact ... In The Hand Of The Sovereign God The Absolute Power Of Love IS Doing - Working - Mightily Fine…

Terry Ohler