Olive garden pasta fagioli recipe

Learn how to make the mouthwatering Olive Garden Pasta Fagioli recipe in the comfort of your own kitchen. Try this hearty and flavorful dish that will leave you craving for more.
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Who doesn’t love Olive Garden? Everybody does, but not everybody can go whenever they want so this is a perfect way to bring the restaurant to your table. Italian cuisine is very popular, but not all Italian food is easy to make. That is not the case with this soup. This is an all-in-one pot...Read More

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If you know you are going to want to have leftovers, I would not add the pasta in with the whole slow cooker of soup towards the end of cooking. I would cook the pasta separately and add it to individual servings. The reason being is pasta will continue to absorb any liquid it is in long after it has stopped cooking. Store your soup and pasta separately in covered containers in the refrigerator and mix the two only when reheating. The soup will stay good in the refrigerator for up to one…

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