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Discover unique and creative package design ideas to inspire your next project. Explore innovative packaging concepts and find the perfect design for your product.
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Packaging design is a very crucial element and around 70% of the purchasing decisions based on the basis front of shelve visibility of packaging. Customers take about 7 seconds to make a purchase decision, and in an average supermarket,

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I’m going to let you in on some insider information. The most searched projects on Dieline are coffees. And, if you happened to search coffee this past month, you likely came across multidisciplinary creative director and graphic designer Aja Marie Johnson’s Better Coffee Co. With its aggressively bold and playful type, it won readers over […]

Lori Campbell
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For this personal project, I designed a modern and joyful look soap box for kids. Four different illustration represents each fruit. I also have inspired by the cheerful image of kids, so I designed in colorful and sweet look, to give an attractive impres…

Sarah Lindstedt