Paneer masala recipe

Learn how to make a delicious paneer masala at home with this easy and flavorful recipe. Indulge in the rich flavors of paneer cooked in a aromatic masala gravy. Try it now and treat your taste buds!
Paneer butter masala is a super delicious, creamy and flavorful curry made with paneer, butter, spices, onions and tomatoes. Curry, Paneer Makhani, Easy Paneer Recipes, Paneer Recipes, Masala Recipe, Garam Masala, Butter Masala Recipe, Indian Food Recipes, Masala

This paneer butter masala is a curry lover’s dream!! Soft paneer dunked in a creamy, silky, super flavorful and delicious curry. My easy paneer recipe will help you make the best butter paneer that tastes better than anything from a restaurant. Make this once, I am sure you will never order it in a restaurant. Serve it with butter naan, roti or Basmati rice.

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