Parts of a flower

Learn about the anatomy of a flower and discover the important roles each part plays in the plant's reproduction. Enhance your knowledge of flowers and their fascinating structures.
good vocabulary building, could even put a song to it to match head, shoulders, knees, toes. Montessori, Gardening Preschool, Preschool Garden, Gardening For Kids, Spring Activities, Spring Preschool, Plant Activities, Spring Lessons, Preschool Classroom

Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations created this fantastic interdisciplinary, multi-skill printable gardening unit that would be perfect for spring and learning about the Earth. Featuring twelve colorful activities, here are a few of the highlights {as always, you'll have to visit Jolanthe's site for the full scoop}! Photo Source: Scissor Skills. In this exercise, students help 'water the flowers' by cutting on the line in order to connect the watering can to the…

Nick Hunt

It was 50 degrees here in Wisconsin today, which basically means it’s time to break out the flip flops and get outside. We are thinking spring thoughts and hoping for warmer days soon, so it’s time to get started on our spring themes in preschool. It is too early to do any planting outside, but […]

Sarah Legear