Peter gabriel

Explore the life and career of Peter Gabriel, the iconic musician known for his groundbreaking work in both Genesis and as a solo artist. Discover his unique sound and influential contributions to the world of music.
MASTER OF DISGUISE: PETER GABRIEL’S MIND-BLOWING MAKE-UP, MASKS AND COSTUMES FROM THE 70S Genesis Band, Magazine Advert, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Neil Young, Lady Liberty, Progressive Rock, I'm With The Band

Master of disguise: Peter Gabriel’s mind-blowing make-up, masks and costumes from the 70s

A 23-year-old Peter Gabriel of Genesis in costume as “The Watcher in the Skies,” 1973 During the tour for their cosmic 1974 double record, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (the subject of an excellent book by the same name by Kevin Holm-Hudson), Peter Gabriel and his many different theatrical personalities took center stage. But that wasn’t the first time Peter Gabriel tripped his bandmates out with his on-stage personas. In an 2012 interview, Gabriel recounted how the audience reacted the…