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Explore the stunning colors that represent the Pisces zodiac sign and incorporate them into your home decor. Discover inspiring ideas to create a tranquil and dreamy atmosphere in your living space.
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Astrology is not only about predicting your daily horoscope. This complex discipline can give you recommendations to improve every area of your life. For instance, did you know that your power color based on your zodiac can restore your energy, lift your mood and make you feel more inspired? Scroll down to discover yours and […]

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Our New Moon and Full Moon workbooks are designed to take you on a journey of the soul, giving you practical uses to utilize the energy of the season through journaling prompts and powerful intention setting exercises. They also contain information on the current astrological season, new or full moon, plus crystals, rituals, and meditations, all to align you with the energy of the zodiac sign. The Workbooks are for all signs, beginners, and advanced astrology students. Written each month by…

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Zodiac 60 Procreate Colors palette,color swatches, iPad lettering, illustration, procreate tool, digital art,Instagram theme,digital planner,lucky colors The 60 Color Palette for Your Zodiac Sign. Now, we know that different people are influenced differently by colors. Each of us were born under a specific zodiac sign or astrological sign as well. It is therefore only normal to associate each of these astrological signs with the series of colors in the visible spectrum of light. Each zodiac…

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