Plant cell model

Explore creative and educational plant cell model ideas for your science projects. Get inspired to create a realistic and informative representation of a plant cell.
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Vector Illustration of the Plant Cell Anatomy Structure. Vector Infographic Stock Vector - Illustration of educational, biology: 159027793

Vector Illustration of the Plant cell anatomy structure. Vector infographic. Illustration about educational, biology, doodle, green, endoplasmic, nature, eukaryotic - 159027793

Leah Badams
Free 3D file Plant Cell Model (8 Colors)・3D printer model to download・Cults Plant Cell Model, 3d Cell, Cells Project, Cell Model, Plant Cell, Green Blue Purple, Dark Colors, Blue Purple, Red Green

Plant Cell Model (8 Colors)

This model represents the typical components of a plant cell. 1) For minimized bleeding of darker colours (such as red, green, blue, purple, brown and black) into lighter colours, it is recommended that users set the variable transition lengths to strong and increase the “maximum transition length” (Project Settings>Transition>Variable Transition Lengths). 2) Print Difficulty: 2/5