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Discover practical ways to reduce plastic waste and create a sustainable future. Learn how small changes in your daily life can have a big impact on the environment.
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These tips will help you to reduce the amount of packaging you use, and get you into DIY cleaning products. Words: Nadene Hall Should you recycle, re-use or refuse? There’s an outer layer of plastic wrapping, covered in enticing imagery and colourful writing. Then there’s an inner bag. Then there is a plastic tray. Finally, you can eat your cookie. The amount of packaging we deal with every has exploded, and there are three philosophies on what to do with it. Recycling is your first option…

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The European Parliament approved a ban on single-use plastics, meaning that common plastic items that make up 70 percent of marine litter will be banned in the EU by 2021. The law also sets targets for the collection of plastic bottles, includes new labeling laws and strengthens provisions to ensure companies pay to clean up their pollution.

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I have been aware for a long time the issue with plastic pollution in our oceans but recently I've discovered just how much of an issue it is and how it is devastating for the creatures in our oceans as well. By being mindful about what we buy and do, we can prevent this issue from escalating further.

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