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Embark on an epic journey with Pokemon Advanced and discover new battles, friends, and challenges. Train your Pokemon, explore new regions, and become a Pokemon Master today.
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Ash Ketchum is the main character of the Pokemon Anime. Ash's main goal in life is to be the world's greatest Pokémon Master. Ash's main goal in life, as described in the first episode of the anime, is to be the world's greatest Pokémon Master. Ash began his journey at the age of 10 as a warm-hearted and well-intentioned but stubborn, rash and amateurish Pokémon Trainer. He was forced to accept the cheeky Pikachu from Professor Oak as his starter Pokémon because he carelessly broke his alarm…

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Groudon (グラードン, Guraadon?, lit. Guraadon) (GRAU-don[1]) is a Ground-type Legendary Pokémon[1] introduced in Generation III. Groudon is the Version Mascot for Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Omega Ruby. It is a Primal Pokémon as well. It is a member of the Weather Trio along with Kyogre and Rayquaza. Groudon is a red, black, gray, and white Pokémon with yellow eyes. It has white spikes on its tail and neck. It has white, sharp claws on both its hand and it also has white toes. It has a grayish…