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An illustration of Spanish war dogs in battle armor, which must have been similar to Becerrillo of Spanish conquistador fame. (Public domain). War Dogs, Native American Dog, Ancient Dogs, Spanish Mastiff, Spanish War, Angry Dog, Psychological Warfare, Spanish Conquistador, Shock And Awe

Dogs have been used as powerful weapons of war for at least the last 3,000 years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Sarmatians, Britons and Romans are all known to have used dogs in combat, or for scouts, sentries, trackers, or executioners.

Ancient Origins
A Foodie's Guide to Ponce City Market — Hungry Girls Do It Better Nashville To Atlanta, Visit Atlanta, City Market, Oh The Places Youll Go, Places To Go, Atlanta Attractions, Five Daughters Bakery, Mall Food Court, Foodies Guide

We dare you to visit Atlanta without going to the crème de la crème, the star player - THE PONCE CITY MARKET. OH, YA. You guys already know what we are talking about. If we die in Atlanta, you might have to bury us in the Ponce City Market Food Hall because THEY HAVE IT ALL Y’ALL. If you can dream i

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