Pond animals

Dive into the world of pond animals and discover the fascinating creatures that inhabit these aquatic ecosystems. Learn about their unique adaptations and behaviors, and get inspired to create your own backyard pond.
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During the spring, we like to have a unit on pond life. Directions: Make a copy of the 2 page printable. Cut around each animal to separate them. (Make sure the text stays with the picture.) Invite your preschoolers to add each animal to the pond. This would be a nice addition to the science table, along with books about pond life and/or small plastic pond animals. It could also be part of a small group. Give each child one of the animals and when you call on that animal, the child places it…

Bridget McLain
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Supereasy green frog crafts for preschooler kids – Children can make them easily using easily available material like paper plates, egg basket etc. with the help of adults. Frogs, a class of amphibians, are well known for their jumping capabilities. They make croaking sounds and have bulging eyes with slimy skin bodies. These diverse mammals […]

Alison Manka
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This past week my 2-3-year-old students had a blast playing in our simple frog pond, exploring sinking and floating as their hands splashed in the water. Want to see? Check it out on Instagram! Pond Life is a wonderful preschool theme because it explores animals that many of our students see out in their own […]

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