Porch roof design

Enhance the curb appeal of your home with creative porch roof design ideas. Find inspiration to create a stylish and functional porch that complements your home's architecture.
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Well, it's been a few weeks since we've had a patio update. As a reminder or if you're new here, we tore out our previous existing pergola and covered patio and are starting almost from scratch to create a large outdoor living space. The past few weeks have been filled with the framing, roof, and electrical work. I took a photo after each day's work was finished so you can see the progression. The first one shows where we started, with a bit of demo done so the new construction could begin…

Jill Krenek
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Choosing the correct overhang and roofing for your porch can boost your home's curb appeal as well as shield you from the elements. The porch overhang should be at least 12 inches long but can vary based on your area's climate. Today we'll be looking at 15 porch overhang and roof ideas to help you […]

Denise Hendrickson-Norrington
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Gable Roof Portico A gabled portico is certainly among the most popular portico styles, and fits well on a variety of home designs. The style of a gabled roof is simple yet practical, nothing more than a triangle shape, usually more wide than tall. Despite its basic design, a gabled roof can create a clean and inviting look that appears very natural and isn’t distracting. Gabled roofs can also increase the longevity of a home’s infrastructure as they encourage water runoff. The choice of…

Stephanie Asleson