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Explore the beauty of pastel portraits and create a soft and dreamy look. Discover top ideas to capture the essence of your subjects with pastel colors and techniques.
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I made this Pastel portrait, step by step, a few months ago. It is the third portrait commission I get from this family. This time my model was a beautiful young girl dressed in ‘faralaes’, something very characteristic of southern Spain. I only had at my disposition low-quality photos, taken from afar and with a […]

Portraits, Art, Pastel, Portrait, Soft Pastels Drawing, Pastel Pencils, Pastel Drawing, Soft Pastel Art, Soft Pastels

This is a step by step Pastel portrait painting of a young boy with his favorite hat. I took several pictures of him inside doors, playing with the lights and the shadows, inspired by his strong personality. I choose an image where his pure and innocent look observed me intensively. I felt it could be […]

Teresa Serrano Martinez
A new pastel portrait. The process step by step Painting & Drawing, Portrait, Portraits, Art, Pastel, Child Portrait Painting, Painting Process, Oil Pastel Landscape, Oil Pastel

I made this portrait a few weeks ago. It was a request from a very special and charming woman, who is in love with her little granddaughter. The photos were “homemade” with a sidelight coming from the window. Sometimes it happens! We capture something special with the lens of our camera and this is what […]

Carol Hackman