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These pregnancy super-foods are all recommended by a nutritionist, because it's tough to figure out what you can and can’t eat during pregnancy. From sweet potatoes to popcorn, here's your handy grocery list.

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Are you pregnant or planning to be? It's time to uncover the magic of dates! Find out when to start eating dates during pregnancy and how they can positively impact your health and the wellbeing of your baby. Learn about the research-backed benefits and practical tips to make the most of this pregnancy superfood. Pregnancy Labor, Pregnancy Eating, Pregnancy Super Foods, Pregnancy Months, Pregnancy Food, Pregnancy Meals, How Many Weeks Pregnant, Pregnancy Diet Chart, Food During Pregnancy

Studies have shown that eating dates in later pregnancy can have many benefits. In this article we’ll talk about the benefits of eating dates, how to best consume them (so you aren’t dreading it every day) and what studies have shown about dates putting you into labor? But first off, how do I know so …

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