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Prehistoric creatures

Explore the incredible world of prehistoric creatures and uncover the mysteries of these ancient wonders. Get ready to be amazed by the fascinating creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago.
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Inostrancevia lived during the Late Permian period and was the largest of the gorgonopsid species. Inostrancevia's most striking feature was its long, saber-tooth-like canines. It had a total body length of around 3.5 m, a weight of 300 kg and a huge skull, which measured up to 60 cm in length. Inastroncevia was likely at the top of the food chain in Late Permian Russia, preying on the large herbivorous creatures it shared the land with.

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A terrifying picture captivates you like a horror movie you never signed up for, but still watch till the end with palms on your face hiding from the screen. You look once, you look twice and then think, “This is enough for me today,” only to realize you’d like to see some more. Thus, we’re going to give you some more scary scenes of unsettling images.

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Utahraptor, meaning Utah's predator, was one of the largest dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaurs or raptors to ever exist. It lived in North America during the Early Cretaceous period. Unlike most dromaeosaurids, it was much more heavy-built, comparable to a polar bear in weight, and estimated to have reached up to 7 meters in length. Like most of its kind, it possessed a large sickle claw, perfectly adapted to dispatch its prey. Although feathers have never been found in association with…

Paul Stamler IV