Preschool sunday school lessons

Teach your preschoolers valuable lessons through fun and interactive activities in Sunday school. Explore top ideas to create a memorable learning experience for your little ones.
Teaching children about prayer and how Jesus Gets Excited When We Pray! Fervent comes from Latin word to boil. We should be praying Fervently! Pre K, Bible Lessons For Kids, Sunday School Crafts, Sunday School Lessons, Sunday School Activities, Sunday School Object Lessons, Sunday School Crafts For Kids, Sunday School Kids, Kids Church Lessons

Looking for some fun lessons for teaching children (and getting them excited!) about Jesus, can kind of be difficult. Especially when you have children in your classroom that can range in age from three months to almost 6th grade. I found this on Pinterest- Fizzy Forgiveness Prayer Station. What I really loved about this was the fact that you can take something relatively easy to find (fizzy tablets) and turned it into something really cool! Kids LOVE fizz. Even I as an adult, feel child…

Kim Wilson