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Wandering the Sanus continent in Remnant, is one of the last gunfighters between Vacuo and Vale in search of the last man who killed someone important to him. With no justice to those who did it, he traveled West to East killing any criminal he came across with small hopes of finding information on the last man. Stumbling into Vale he already gets involved with the criminals that run around in Vale giving him more work to do. -I don't own any art shown in this, those belong to their…

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Qrow Branwen (pronounced "Crow") is the younger twin brother of Raven Branwen, biological uncle of Yang Xiao Long and honorary uncle of Ruby Rose. Qrow's weapon of choice is a scythe called Harbinger. He is a former member of the Branwen Tribe as well as a former teacher at Signal Academy. In his youth, Qrow attended Beacon Academy with his sister, and together they were on a team with Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long, known as Team STRQ. Qrow is also involved with a secret brotherhood led…