Recessed wall

Transform your living space with these creative recessed wall ideas. Discover how recessed walls can add depth, style, and functionality to your modern home design.
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Hallways. You probably don’t think much about yours. What if instead of a closed-off corridor, it was a gallery, a library or even an architectural highlight of your home? Hallways can do more than connect rooms, they can reflect you, the homeowner.

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If you've ever renovated an old house you'll know how weird and wonderful they can be! Our home had a fair few quirks once we started ripping walls down and measuring up for the extension. One of the biggest dramas (because there is always drama of some kind during a renovation!) was that the centre

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At this point in the styling process, there should be lots of books  and a shelving unit that is ready to be filled . Obviously, if the shel... Styling A Bookcase, Vstupná Hala, Wall Shelves Living Room, Recessed Shelves, Floating Shelves Kitchen, Floating Shelves Bathroom, Muebles Living, 아파트 인테리어, غرفة ملابس

At this point in the styling process, there should be lots of books and a shelving unit that is ready to be filled. Obviously, if the shelf height is variable then start by placing tall books onto the taller shelves. Once all of the books are shelved, then make adjustments. Rearrange books by height and create some stacks. Make sure the color blocks work. In all likelihood, not every square inch of the bookcase is covered with books...which is a good thing because objets and accessories will…

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