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Idli Sambar Recipe | Tiffin Sambar - Shweta in the Kitchen Idli Sambar, Idli Recipe, Recipes In Tamil, South Indian Food, Indian Food Recipes, Indian Breakfast, Ethnic Recipes, Idli, Lentil Curry

Idli sambar is a popular South Indian breakfast combination where fluffy soft idli (savory steamed cake) is served with hot sambar (vegetable lentil stew). It makes a delicious, healthy, comforting, and protein-packed meal. The spicy, soupy lentil curry - Sambar is also known as tiffin sambar as it is often served with other tiffin varieties like dosa, uttapam, medu vada, poha, and upma. Here is how to make an easy hotel-style tiffin sambar at home using toor dal.