Renaissance festival diy

Get creative with these DIY ideas to make your Renaissance festival experience truly unforgettable. Discover how to make costumes, crafts, and decorations that will transport you back in time.
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So Dong and I went to the Sterling Renaissance Festival on Saturday and while we were there I was instantly charmed by the headpieces they were selling: They had all types, from dainty and cute to ornate and ostentatious. The prices were from $20 up... and being with my frugal hubby, I went away empty handed. Sigh. But of course, that didn't mean I couldn't take pictures with them... sooooooo.... Although I came home empty handed, my heart was full of passion - to make my own floral wreaths…

Katherine Kirchner
A Sampling of Renaissance Faire Costumes | Keep Calm and Craft On Blog Crafts, Larp, Halloween, Couture, Tudor, Costumes, Medieval Dress, Steampunk, Renaissance Fair Costume

So it is that time of the year again, spring is in the air. Local craft faires, special events, Sims Medieval Edition has been released, and the local renaissance faires are going on all around you. With all this excitement in mind, I thought I would take a moment and give you some insight on the costuming used at the different renaissance fairs (ren faires) to hopefully help you by giving you ideas for creating your own renaissance period costume, accessories, and character. Most of these…

Celine Bird