Rocky mountain oysters

Indulge in the unique flavors of Rocky Mountain Oysters with these mouthwatering recipes. Discover how to prepare and enjoy this delicacy like never before.
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MOUNTAIN OYSTERS Buckhorn Exchange 1000 Osage, Denver, CO - (303) 534-9505 The Buckhorn Exchange is Denvers oldest Restaurant serving up half - a - pound size hamburgers to a Five Pound Steak called the Big Boy. The menu is devoted to the Cowboy Cuisine of the Old-West with such dishes on the menu like Rocky Mountain Oysters, shown above which are deep fried bull testicles. Other meats include Bison, Elk, and Rattlesnake, with an impressive steak menu that will not come cheap. The atmosphere…

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How to Cook Venison Rocky Mountain Oysters

I’ve never eaten rocky mountain oysters, nor made them in my kitchen. But inspiration came after tagging my first whitetail in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. If you’ve never tried the dangly woodland berries yourself, man, are you missing out. Here’s how to clean and prepare them.

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