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Explore a variety of interactive sacraments activities to deepen your understanding and connection to these important religious rituals. Discover creative ways to engage and involve participants for a truly memorable experience.
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Seven Sacraments Lesson Plan | The Religion Teacher | Catholic Religious Education

Using this lesson plan, you will be able to introduce your students to the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church and their significance in their lives.

Burgoon Creations
The Sacraments and Grace Printable Graphic Organizer.... COOL idea! easily adaptable for Lutheran theology, Sacraments Activities, Sunday School Themes, 7 Sacraments, Religion Activities, Seven Sacraments, Catholic Sacraments, Sunday School Decorations, Sunday School Rooms, Catholic Homeschool

The Sacraments and Grace

We are working on a "big picture" of the Sacraments in Religion at school right now. I created these notes for the kids with the four main ideas we keep coming back to: Jesus' mission, the Church, the Sacraments, and Grace...and how they are all related. Here is my version with a little color added to make it pretty. You can print out my copy of the notes by clicking here: Or you can print the blank notes to have the kids fill in by clicking here: You might also like our Sacrament Symbols…

Laura Haupt
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Sacrament Sort- The Sacraments of Initiation

I'm nearing the half way point of my summer, and so naturally my mind has turned more towards planning for the upcoming school year. Among my goals for this new class is to make my religion curriculum more hands-on, station based, and designed around exploring and reflecting. I plan to use a lot of the activities I already have created and prepped, but present them in a different way. I'll keep you posted about the plans and how it actually plays out in the classroom, but along the way I…


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