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Discover the timeless films and artistic genius of Satyajit Ray, one of India's most celebrated filmmakers. Immerse yourself in his captivating storytelling and delve into the rich cultural heritage of his masterpieces.
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Cover-design for Pramada Ranjan Ray's "BON'er KHOBOR"(news frm the Forest) by Ray. Ray's costume-design for d character of 'Sobha-Kobi'(Court poet) fr HIRAK RAJAR DESHE. Costume designs for the ministers in the court of HIROK RAJA.. Designed by Ray. Ray with Kishore Kumar and Amit Kumar. Kishore Kumar's first wife, Mrs Ruma Guha Thakurtha was Ray's niece. Kishore shared a warm relationship with Ray and used to call him 'Manik Mama'. He sang in Ray's "CHARULATA" for the first time..a Tagore…

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#SatyajitRay 🎂🎉 "No heroes or villains, only different shades of grey". His films are about the human condition and the ‘dailiness’ or undramatic aspects of life with no simple winners or losers. Comment your favourite movie of Satyajit Ray.✨ #Cinemaajkal

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