Scary decorations

Get ready to scare and delight your guests with these spine-chilling decorations. Find the perfect spooky accents to create a hauntingly memorable Halloween atmosphere.
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Halloween can be expressed as a mathematical equation. Much like the Powerpuff Girls, Halloween is made up of three parts (plus an accidentally-added extra ingredient to the concoction — Chemical X). First, there are the costumes — not much of a holiday without pretending to be courageous heroes and nefarious villains! Next, of course, there’s the candy. Delicious. Sweet. Deliciously sweet. Finally, there are the spooky decorations, without which Halloween would be just another cosplay party…

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As I am writing this the wind and the rain is really crazy out here. Hope Sandy hasn’t wrecked much havoc on you all. Stay safe. On Saturday we had a Halloween party at a friend’s place and I helped with the decorations. We were trying to come up with a not too scary theme (as there...Read More »

Lina María
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Create a spooky atmosphere with DIY Halloween decorations for your front porch. Get into the festive spirit by making your own haunted wreaths, creepy spider webs, and eerie lanterns. Utilize simple materials like pumpkins, construction paper, and old fabric to craft scary faces and ghosts.

Melissa Graham
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With Halloween coming up, I thought it would be appropriate and interesting to look at a variety of masks. Masks have been a part of many cultures throughout history and are not only used to conceal one's identity, but also for religious and ritualistic purposes, to entertain, to frighten and intimidate, or simply to protect one's face... Also- these eerie monotypes from artist/illustrator Alan Magee. Not masks, but mask-like: Happy Halloween! Visit Alan Magee's website HERE.

Maggie Moloney