Scary doll costume

Get ready to spook everyone with a scary doll costume this Halloween. Explore unique and terrifying ideas to transform into a creepy doll that will give everyone nightmares.
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Celebrities love to celebrate Halloween. From sexy to scary, here are 50 stylish and easy Halloween costume ideas stars like Kendall Jenner, Reese Witherspoon, Cardi B and more have worn for the spooky holiday over the years.

raffaella de luca
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My friend and I put a lot of work into this years halloween costume!! First we went to Value Village to buy bright doll like dresses (pretty sure they were old prom/ bridesmaid's dresses), bought a blank white mask from a costume store, long blonde wigs, white stockings, white gloves, and white face paint. -We cut the eyes bigger in the mask, painted cracks, red lips, blush, eyeshadow/ eyeliner, and added fake eyelashes to the bottom and top of the eyes. -We put the white stockings on and…

Julie Joyce
Lifesize Annabelle Doll - Eyes, Outfits, Dolls, Halloween, Horror, Costumes, Girl, Leeza, Annabelle Costume

Bring your favorite horror movie character into your home with this Lifesize Annabelle Doll! Looking just like the terrifying doll from the film, this scary doll shows Annabelle in her familiar white dress with red trim, eyes round and wide, with a smile on her face and her hair in pigtails. Place your Annabelle doll in just the right location to give everyone who enters a fright!

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