School counselor room

Transform your school counselor room with creative and functional ideas. Enhance the space to create a welcoming environment for students and provide a comfortable setting for counseling sessions.
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School Counseling Office Tour: Round One - The Responsive Counselor

I've been meaning to post my school counseling office tour. Here's my furniture, artwork, and organization that makes my office tick!

Shawna Denison
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5 Tips for Setting Up Your First School Counseling Office - The Responsive Counselor

5 Tips to setup a beautiful and effective school counseling office! I've pulled together ideas and links for things to make your office rock!

Ra Holman
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8 Places for the School Counselor to Be on the First Days of School

Where should the School Counselor be on the first days of school? Here's a post from one Elementary School Counselor to share where she goes on the first days of school.

Rebecca Doud
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Rainbow School Counselor Door Sign (Editable)

Before Spring Break I did a few things to refresh my school counseling office. I created this 🌈 Rainbow School Counselor Door S...

Sallie Miller
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Individual Counseling: Tools and Resources - The Responsive Counselor

Invaluable individual counseling tools you have to have. Here are some of my favorites to have on hand when working with children.

Callie Owen