Self lymph drainage massage

Learn how to perform self lymph drainage massage techniques to improve circulation, reduce swelling, and boost your immune system. Discover the benefits and step-by-step instructions to incorporate this self-care practice into your routine.
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Lymph: The missing link in a liver detox Thinking about doing a detox cleanse or reducing your chemical exposure? If you've been following along with our Common Household Chemicals to Avoid series, you know how easy it can be to start removing harmful chemicals from your home. Many people get discouraged when they go on a fast or start removing toxins from their lives because they feel sick or feel tired and don’t know why. Why would that happen? One reason may be that the lymphatic system…

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Therapeutic massage is an essential component to maintaining well-being, and offers many benefits that address the body's needs. Eliminate pain patterns from muscle spasms and overuse. Reduce your stress levels so you can relax and get a good night's sleep.

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