Shabby chic

Transform your home into a charming oasis with these shabby chic ideas. Discover how to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere with vintage-inspired furniture and delicate pastel colors.
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I love my bed! Today I finally put the ruffled bed skirt I ordered months ago, on my bed. It's so perfect. I really don't know why I waited so long. I am sure if your into looking at the decorating blogs you probably have seen this bed skirt before, used as a table cloth too ( I also have another as a table cloth). But you may wonder how mine seems to have so many more ruffles. Well it's because I used two of the bed skirts. Then you may wonder then how I was able to get enough separation to…

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Remember when women owned frilly vanity tables with upholstered stools and ornate mirrors? Well nothing has changed. Women are still painting, primping, poufing and perfecting their look while sitting at their beautiful mirrored vanities. The vanity table serves as a kind of sanctuary for a woman where she can feel free and at ease to play and experiment with all of the accessories that help to make her look more beautiful. In fact, in front of a makeup mirror, seated at her dressing table…

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