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Expand your music collection with a sheet music book that includes your favorite songs. Explore a wide selection of sheet music books to enhance your musical repertoire.
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Here is a vintage sheet music graphic with a song titled Love’s Old Sweet Song. The page is from the vintage songbook The Golden Book of Favorite Songs, 1915. Click on image to enlarge. Related posts that may interest you: Vintage Farmer Clip Art Printables Vintage Sheet Music Forest and Stream Vintage Hymns Sheet Music

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Here is a wonderfully fun two-page set of vintage sheet music that features The Brownies Gavotte from the Suite of Brownie Dances composed by S. G. Pratt. A cute owl is in the upper top left hand corner, and beautifully illustrated clusters of flowers frame the top and left hand side, of the first page. A sweet bird sits at...Read More

Laura Glm
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Hello all! Thanks so much for all the well wishes. baby hughes and I are on the mend but Mr. Hughes just caught the germies last night. ICK! But, I am determined, sick or not, grey nasty weather or not, to put some Spring in my step. And Spring to me means a few things... and gardening is one of them! I have been carrying these garden tools in my booth for a few months now and the handles are painted my favorite Vintage Junky blue (I sound soooo snotty.... oops!) Anyhow, they are cute and…

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This vintage page of sheet music was written for kindergarten students. Included on the page are five short songs for the young children to learn during the month of April. The songs are: A Visitor, An Easter Jingle, The Rain, Raindrops and The Little Hen. The page of sheet music is from the book First Year...Read More

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