Shirt tie combo

Elevate your style with these perfect shirt and tie combos. Find the ideal combination to make a lasting impression at any event or in the office.
A useful guide on How to Match a Tie with a Dress Shirt, including Solid Shirts, Striped Shirts and Checkered Shirts. Shirts, Couture, Tie And Pocket Square, Tie Ideas, Ties Mens, Shirt Tie Combo, Dress Shirt And Tie, Mens Shirt And Tie, Tie

So I’ve hammered home the point on this blog about matching ties to your shirts and suits. While we have elaborated on the basics of color and pattern theory, digesting information that is novel and in bulk can sometimes be slightly overwhelming, to say the least. Hence this guide. Let’s simplify it this time. We have different types of shirts – Solids, Stripes and Checkered. How on earth are we going to find a matching tie (which is at least more complex for the latter two than the plain…

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