Shoes packaging ideas

Elevate your shoe game with these creative and stylish packaging ideas. Discover unique ways to showcase and protect your favorite pairs of shoes.
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Elif Bulut is a designer that has ideated a shoebox that is both innovative and environmentally friendly. While this idea might come across as simple, the thought and care poured into every detail are unmatched. Each element provides thought for the environment, manufacturers, and consumers to create the most sustainable and useable box. Not only […]

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The French Paper Company’s 140th Anniversary resulted in a great deal of activity around the mill including the complete redesign of French’s full-sized shipping carton. It’s a box and it’s a poster – it’s also a visual kaleidoscope of the many logos and icons from French’s long history, each contributing to make the Midwestern paper […]

José Canales
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You finally bought those tickets, requested off work, and booked the hotel — the vacation you've been looking forward to for months is almost here. But your overstuffed suitcase is on the floor, you're sitting on top of it, and you're wishing you…

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