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Get started with simple circuits and explore easy and effective ideas to learn the basics of electronics. Discover how to build your own circuits and start experimenting today.
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Are you looking for a simple circuit project for Adventures in Science, an elective adventure for Cub Scout Webelos and Arrows of Light? You'll find it here! This one is so easy--no stripping wires! Instead, it uses copper tape. Click on over to find out what that is!

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Design, Build, Reiterate, and Light It Up! - Circuits and Engineering: This has definitely been the hardest year I have ever experienced within my 15 years of teaching middle school students, and I am sure it has been just as tough if not tougher for the students. I have always been a big advocate for minimizing screen…

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Students begin to make sense of the phenomenon of electricity through learning about circuits. Students use the disciplinary core idea of using evidence to construct an explanation as they learn that charge movement through a circuit depends on the resistance and arrangement of the circuit components. Students also explore the disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts of energy and energy transfer in the context of energy from a battery. In one associated hands-on activity, students…

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Whether you're a teacher for ideas for an electric circuit lesson or a parent looking for a fun simple circuit project at home, these are great projects to get you started. Learn everything you need to know about teaching electric circuits to kids.

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