Sir francis drake quotes

Explore the wisdom and courage of Sir Francis Drake through his powerful quotes. Get inspired and gain new perspectives on life with these timeless words of wisdom.
Silohette of a woman on a boat at twilight with remains of sunset in the background over the ocean and a Sir Francis Drake quote overlayed, "It is not that list ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better." Sailboat, Inspiration, Famous Quotes, Adventure Quotes, Sailing Quotes, Boating Quotes, Sail Song, Sailing Books, Sailboats

This is a list of the best sailing quotes, whether from a famous writer, poet, or a well-known cruiser. Many of these famous quotes, like this one from Sir Francis Drake, offer sailing inspiration, while others are about the sailing lifestyle. Here you'll find inspirational sailing quotes, but also quotes about adventure and world travel. Boat quotes and sailor sayings are some of our favorites, but we also included quotes from some great adventure novels!

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