Small Groups

Discover exciting activities to keep your small group entertained and connected. From team-building exercises to interactive games, find the perfect ideas for your next gathering.
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Small group activities to do with your students during your literacy small-groups. Free file too! I love these activities as a warm-up before I begin my small-group reading instruction.

Maggie Leigh
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Planning small groups at the beginning of the year can be a little overwhelming. There is a lot of data to collect, and then a lot of data to analyze after you’ve gathered it all. How do you approach this time in a thoughtful, organized way, so you can ensure that each child is getting the instructi

Rhonda Newton
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This list of indoor youth group games is great for when it's raining, too cold outside, or even when it's too hot! Instead of scratching your head when the weather throws off your plans, this list has you covered. In addition, all of our games are little or no prep and can be played with small groups. We've got you covered, especially in a pinch!

Julie Payne