Soba noodles soup

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This quick & easy zaru soba recipe features cold soba noodles dipped in an ultra-flavorful flavorful Tsuyu sauce made with only 4 simple ingredients from your pantry! This light and refreshing meal takes just a few minutes to prepare, and truly the ultimate way to cool down on a hot summer day. #soba #noodles #japanesefood #easyrecipe

Copycat Panera Soba Noodle Recipe | Craving something warm and packed with flavor? This recipe for soba noodles is the one for you!

This soba noodles recipe tastes like it came right from Panera itself. Each ingredient of this Copycat Panera Soba Noodle Recipe is absolutely delicious and packed with flavor. Instead of meeting up for lunch at a restaurant, make homemade soup.