Socks and heels

Discover trendy ways to combine socks and heels for a fashionable and unique look. Get inspired by top ideas to elevate your outfit with this chic style.
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We’re nabbing an abundance of winter styling tricks from the fashionable attendees of Men’s Fashion Week (currently underway in Paris), the most recent of which is the pairing of socks with sandals. As seen here on the sartorially savvy Miroslava…

Jessice Crowther
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Socks and sandals are a no-no. Except if your socks are of velvet and your sandals the latest designer footwear. Velvet is turning up everywhere right now including in sparkly socks that make even the prissiest granny-heel shoes cool and casual – the prefect, dress-up casual. You always know what to wear and how to wear it while still looking like you and not like some cut-out from a fashion spread. Velvet socks are your ticket.

Elizabeth Cornell