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Quench your thirst with the best soda brands available. Explore a variety of refreshing and flavorful options that will satisfy your cravings. Find your new favorite soda today.
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Baya - vodka soda. For this project, I developed a font logo and recognizable characters for packaging design. Bright heroes in the form of berries and fruits that float on the waves, so that this drink is immediately associated with something refreshing. I also developed the packaging design, selected branded fonts and colors.

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If it wasn’t already the year of the soda redesign, it sure is now. Pepsi is back again with a new, dynamic redesign for Mirinda, a soft drink created in Spain in 1959, now distributed globally. Along with the redesign, the beverage maker will launch a refreshed brand platform based on the slogan “There’s no […]

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Coca-Cola has unveiled a new global brand identity for its soda brand Fanta. Designed at the direction of the Coca-Cola global design team, they brought in a whole-ass creative village to revamp the design system, with JKR on packaging and imagery, Brazilian artist Lucas Wakamatsu on illustrations, motion identity from Gretel, Colophon on typography, Tim […]


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