Spooky eyes

Create a spine-chilling atmosphere with spooky eyes decor for Halloween. Discover top ideas to make your Halloween decorations truly haunting.
cut eyes out of toilet paper rolls - Google Search Halloween, Model, Dekorasyon, Kunst, Sanat, Holloween, Creepy Eyes, Scary Eyes, Dekoration

So you’re planning a party. Pop quiz, hot shot: WHAT DO YOU DO for quality party favors on a budget? Gotta be easy too – am I right, party planners? So what do you do? Plan a Glow Party, ahh yes, good answer. The cool neon ambience of a glow party pleases all ages: rambunctious kids, picky teens, rockin’ 20-somethings, ... Read More

Sarah DeLuke
Super Spooky Evil LED Eyes of Doom Using atTiny85 and Arduino IDE Halloween Ideas, Halloween, Supernatural, Horror, Glow In The Dark, Spooky Eyes, Zombie Eyes, Doom, Scary

Super Spooky Evil LED Eyes of Doom Using AtTiny85 and Arduino IDE: There are a few spooky eye instructables out there. For example, there is one based on a 555 timer, one based on an on/off switch, one based on Arduino, and one based on tape. I wanted to make a set of spooky evil eyes that met the following criter…

Monica Marie Carr