Stability ball upper body exercises

Tone and strengthen your upper body with these effective stability ball exercises. Discover how to target your arms, shoulders, and chest for a stronger and more sculpted upper body.
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The decision to build a home gym is ultimately a commitment to your health, well-being and to your body but it need not be an exercise in frustration or in one of futility. The road to looking good is about more than just feeling good and feeling confident, it's about creating a home gym space with decor that is at once functional but is also able to speak to your goals, and to your personality.

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Do you have an exercise (aka stability) ball? Do you use it? Home workouts are among my most popular requests. People are busy and find working out at home both time-saving and economical. A lot of people want easy, yet effective workouts that don’t require a lot of thinking or fancy, expensive equipment. That’s why I recommend getting a stability ball. I find that most people already have one… but if you don’t, exercise balls are a must-have for your home gym. They’re fairly inexpensive and…

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Chris & I got a yoga ball to help with my bad back and tendonitis. It's became an addiction and just from using it 10 minutes a day, I've lost 8 lbs in the past month! ♡ it!! Gym Balls, Stability Ball Exercises, Gym Ball, Fitness Routines, Latihan Yoga, Resep Diet, Yoga Ball, Stability Ball, Formda Kal

I wanted to share with you a workout that is an amazing and effective way to workout without a gym or any equipment. So no more excuses- you don't need an expensive gym membership to get a killer workout! Give this workout about 30 minutes and be ready to break a serious sweat!15 Jump PlanksIn plank position, move your feet out and back in, as if you are doing a jumping jack. Make sure that you keep your bum down and really focus on keeping your abs tight.15 SupermansLaying flat on your…

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