Stability ball

Discover a variety of stability ball exercises to strengthen your core and improve balance. Get fit and have fun with these engaging workouts using a stability ball.
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So many of my clients have or see stability balls in the gym but have no idea what stability ball exercises to do. Some stability ball exercises are better than others.. these are the exercises I'm sharing with you. What's a Stability Ball? First things first... A stability ball, also known as a Swiss ball or exercise, is a large, inflatable ball used to exercise or physical therapy. Stability balls are usually made of rubber or PVC and come in…

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About this item Advantage: Fitness workout with a stability ball helps improve your flexibility, strengthen core muscles, and enhance balance and coordination 65 Cm Ball is suitable for anyone between the height of (5'5" to 5'11") Made Type: Made up of anti-burst high quality material which can support up to 600 to 700 Pounds Weight Manufacturers Warranty Included (12 Months) Money back guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase

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