Stained glass candles

Create a soothing ambiance in your home with beautiful stained glass candles. Discover top ideas for adding warmth and tranquility to any space.
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Christmas Candles, Stained glass candle, Candle Sun CatcherThis beautiful piece measures approximately 7 x 9 and comes attached to an oak base.The triple candles are attached to the holly and berries to give a 3D effect. This piece has been created using the Tiffany Stained Glass Method, black pat

Stained Glass Lamp with Mitered Corners | Glowforge

Check out this Glowforge project by cynd11: Some of you may remember the teaser I posted a few days ago about miter cuts on the Glowforge. I finally scraped together enough “me” time to finish the project. I’ve been working on it a long time! (@marmak3261 saw parts of it when he visited last week). First, the finished project, then I’ll show the progress photos in case anybody is interested in trying something similar. Total height is

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These candle holders were comissioned as a set to be given as individual gifts so I took the opportunity to use various combinations of glass. One uses sea green hues in baroque and rough rolled, another is made with hues of blue waterglass and clear reed, and the other is medium blue and clear hammered glass.

Yvonne Sprowson